2021 SETX Season Update


We have had many questions in regards to the upcoming season. We understand there is a lot of uncertainty in our world right now. We want to assure everyone that we are preparing for the 2021 season as if everything were normal. while at the same time, preparing for whatever challenges that may greet us next Spring. At this point, it appears we all may have to make adjustments, but what else is new? We encourage all of you to please stay in contact with your advisors/coaches. Any news or updates we gather in regards to our season will be passed on to all SETX advisors/coaches first via email. They are your source for information when it comes to any new news from SETX. We will utilize facebook to make announcements as the tournaments get closer, but we want to emphasize the importance of good communication with your local team advisor/coach. Attend your local club meetings for the latest briefings!! Make sure your advisor has good contact info. on you and your captains!! If you have questions, we are here to help, but please make your advisor/coach your first source for information because they are the ones who get the news first and know as much as we do.

We are emphasizing communication because it is very possible that we will have to change just about everything we do in order to conduct tournaments in 2021. As of now, we do not know any specifics because of the fluid nature of the situation we are all in.  When those specifics are known, they will be shared immediately with advisors/coaches. We are guests at the facilities we utilize and must adhere to all federal, state, and local guidelines  We all must be on the same page and it starts at the local level, hence the emphasis for 2021. If your advisor/coach cannot answer your questions, they can easily get answers from us with a quick email.

Please keep in mind, there will be a very short window between Christmas Break and our Jan. 16th tournament. All advisors/coaches are encouraged to plan a meeting somewhere in that window (week of Jan. 11-15 would be IDEAL) Any information, guidelines, restrictions, etc. should be finalized by then and passed on to your teams. Please be prepared to print materials you may receive from SETX to hand out to your teams in that meeting.

The one thing you can do right now to help us all in January is to make sure you can contact your advisor/coach and vice versa!! 

We sincerely hope all of you are healthy and are looking forward to the 2021 season. 


SETX Board of Directors

Buna Team Tackles Toledo

Many, LA- Feb. 22nd- The FORD SETX Championship Series presented by SKEETER BOATS packed up and traveled a little further east this past weekend to Toledo Bend as the series nears the midpoint of the season. "We really enjoy coming over here to Toledo Bend. It is one of the few facilities in the area that can handle our numbers and it provides a welcome change of scenery during the season", said SETX Tournament Coordinator Rachel Scott. We caught up with tournament director/emcee John Salamone on Friday night and he had this to say about the Toledo visit. "When we looked at scheduling this tourney a few years back, we had several options, but perhaps the biggest factor in scheduling a late February tournament on Toledo was simply getting off Rayburn for those 5-6 weeks in February and March. Of course at the time Toledo was ranked as the #1 bass lake in America so that helped as well!!" concluded Salamone. 

Even though the old lake is not fishing like it was 4-5 years ago, Toledo is still recognized as one of the top bass fishing destinations in the country. Recent floods and constantly fluctuating lake levels have taken away just about all of the hydrilla the old lake was once famous for and with that, the once abundant schools of 4-6 pound fish have disappeared as well. "It might not take a huge bag to win this weekend" said SETX Board Member Mark Grissom of Vidor. "We have had a few chilly nights leading up to this tournament so the shallow bite may be off a bit, but the deeper fish should still bite pretty good if you can find them" concluded Grissom. 

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Huntington Team Claims SETX #2

Jasper, Tx- Feb. 8- Blessed with awesome weather last Saturday, The FORD SETX Championship Series presented by SKEETER boats kicked off event #2 of the 2020 season. "So far, so good as far as the weather has been this year" said SETX tournament coordinator Stephanie Ryder. "Obviously we cannot control it, but its something we keep a very close eye on during the week leading up to our tourneys. We really want everyone to have an opportunity to enjoy our events, not just our captains and anglers. When the weather cooperates, it makes it fun for everyone." concluded Ryder. Early February in East Texas typically starts the quest for that trophy bass all anglers are hoping to catch. "From now until around mid March or so, the bass on Rayburn will be heavier than any other time of year" said SETX Board member Byron Dauriac of Silsbee. "Typically at our early tournaments, our winners may not break the 20 lb mark with their 5 fish limit, but the chance of catching the fish of a lifetime are at their best for he next few weeks. It may happen today for one of our teams!" concluded Dauriac. 

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SETX Kicks off 7th Season

Jasper, Tx Jan. 18- After a 2019 that saw record lake levels and crazy weather keeping SETX anglers off the water in the early part of the season, SETX anglers welcomed temperatures in the 60's and unseasonably warm waters this past weekend to kick off the 7th season of the FORD SETX HS Champions Trail presented by Skeeter Boats. "It supposed to rain a bit, but we will take it after what we had to deal with last year. Pre-frontal conditions and a rising lake should make for some excellent fishing this weekend" said SETX President Bryan Thomas.

A couple thousand gathered around Umphrey Pavilion Saturday afternoon as the anglers made their way in to weigh their catches. "We are really proud of what SETX has become and what it means for these kids, captains, and their families as well" said tournament emcee John Salamone. "It really is kind of an organized chaos that goes on for a few hours around here during one of these events. I wish everyone could see the effort that goes on throughout the year to make sure days like today are possible. It takes so much effort to make sure these things go smoothly and I am just proud to play a small part in it and have a little fun with the kids when they come across the stage" concluded Salamone.

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